Create and gather agent-of-change for a better society and environment

Opportunity Matching

Matching businesses to social responsibility opportunities to save your time in looking for or planning social responsibility projects.

Save Your Resources

Free out your time, fund and manpower in planning social responsibility activities. So your business has more resources to excel in what you do best.

Integrated Solutions

A new platform in helping your business to handle social responsibility initiatives. Get exposure for your brand while carrying out social responsibility is just perfect.

Reliable Opportunities

We identify and evaluate all activities to ensure reliability. Thus, you will be able to fulfil your company's social responsibility requirement with maximum brand value.

Consultation & Advisory

Provide professional consultation services to businesses for social responsibility initiative (both external and the internal initiative, and ISO 26000).

Education & Guidance

Provide education and seminars to encourage and guide businesses' involvement in social responsibility.

Assistance & Support

Provide full assistance and support for our business clients to be involved in social responsibility, and together, create a better society and environment.


Social responsibility is a theory that asserts that businesses, in addition to maximizing shareholder value, have an obligation to act in a manner that benefits society. These initiatives are based on sustainability in four different categories.

Philanthropic Giving

Philanthropic initiatives include the donation of time, money or resources to charities and organizations.

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental sustainability initiatives generally focus on limiting pollution and reducing greenhouse gases.

Economic Responsibilities

Economic responsibility focuses on balancing economic decisions with their overall effects on society.

Ethical Practices

The focus on ethics is to provide fair labour practices and resources for employees as well as their suppliers.


Identify and Evaluate Opportunity

Identify and evaluate the social responsibility activities to ensure reliability.

Integrated Digital Platform

Platform for free listing of verified social responsibility activities. Visitors of the digital platform will be able to see all opportunities and who have contributed or sponsored the projects.

Opportunity Matching Services

We will study our client’s social responsibility requirement and perform matching of businesses with social responsibility activities.

Social Responsibility Plan Design

We provide consultation and advisory services to assist clients to design a plan that suits their annual social responsibility requirement.

Event Planning and Management

Social responsibility event design, planning and management.

Seminar and Learning Session

Related education and training programme.

Consultation and Advisory Services

Consultation services for sustainable process and ethical production.