About SE Elements


The increasing popularity of social media and digital technologies have allowed the digital world to slowly take over our real world. With the information spreading in the speed never seen before, businesses will no longer be a commercial enterprise working just for profit. It is time for all businesses to include a commitment-to-impact into their company’s mission, applying commercial strategies to maximize improvements and sustainability in financial, social and environmental well-being.

Social enterprise needs to maintain its social value, and thus, its responsibility towards society. This includes not only responsibility towards the external community, but also internal members. Unfortunately, many businesses designed their social responsibility event for only the external community, missing out the well-being of their internal members. Nevertheless, an analysis conducted on media reporting concluded that social responsibility is still largely seen as philanthropic, which is relatively easy to identify and simple to set up as compared to other types of social responsibility events and investments, such as environmental conservation, voluntary social involvement, etc.

In Malaysia and all other developing countries, the businesses, especially SMEs, understanding of social responsibility is superficial and very minimum. The perception of business social responsibility was never planted into an entrepreneur’s mind. Although some entrepreneurs are aware of their social responsibility, yet they don’t know what should they do, and how to do it. The awareness and perception of social responsibility are still relatively weak.

SE Elements is a platform to match businesses to social responsibility opportunities. We will provide education to the business entity on the importance of performing and investing in social responsibility, and train them how to carry these out for the internal and external community. At the same time, we go deep into society to discover the need and evaluate their requirement prior to listing it as a social responsibility opportunity for businesses on our platform. Businesses joining us will be able to maximize their financial capability while achieving their needs to carry out social responsibility and their goal in improving brand reputation and strengthen the relationship with stakeholders at all level.


Create and gather agent-of-change for a better society and environment.


Demonstrate humanity

Respect social and environment

Practice sustainability

Be humble and transparent

Creative and innovative

Equal opportunity